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Per Game
Per 36

ptsV, 3sV, rebV, etc. = Values are expressed as standard scores where 0.0 is league average.

All values indicate the number of standard deviations above or below the mean, where a large positive is good (green) and a large negative is bad (red).

9-CatV = Value for leagues with 9-Category settings, default for Yahoo! (Points, Threes, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, FG%, FT%, TO)

8-CatV = Value for leagues with 8-Category settings, default for ESPN and CBS (Points, Threes, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, FG%, FT%)

All values assume league settings as 12 teams and 13 players per team.

Stats begin in 1951. Steals and Blocks were tracked starting in 1973, Turnovers 1977, and Threes 1979.

Players listed with "DNQ" for Per 36 Ranks did not meet qualifying minimums of 15 minutes per game and/or 5 games played.